Monday, March 29, 2021

Athletics Boosters

From the desk of Athletics Boosters, following is the spectator policy to note for the season:

“We are extremely excited and feel fortunate just to have an athletic season this year.  As we do so, please know that we are under a tremendous amount of scrutiny, with very specific guidelines we’ve been asked to follow by the state, county, CIF, and the Pacific Coast League.  Please make note of a few spectator reminders below.  We need your participation and support in order to allow us to keep having public events with spectators in attendance.  Recognizing that sports are a privilege for our community, our new saying for staff, students and parents has become, “Don’t be the reason we lose our season!” 

Tickets are required to attend all athletic events.  No exceptions will be made for additional spectators beyond the allotted tickets.  Tickets are for members of the same household as the student participant and should not be shared. 

All spectators are required to wear a mask through the duration of the competition.  Should a spectator require an accommodation to remove their mask, advanced notice should be provided so specific seating arrangements can be made so as to not impact other spectators.  Spectators who remove their masks without an accommodation will be asked to leave and may not be allowed at future events. 

There are currently no away spectators at events held at locations other than stadiums.  In the circumstances that away spectators can attend, tickets will be provided in advance.  We discourage spectators from parking or sitting in adjacent areas just outside the athletic venues to watch events when away spectators are not allowed. 

Spectators should locate and sit in the designated seating locations at the venue.  In IUSD, these locations are designated by a sticker.  Seats have been placed in pairs, and both members of the household should sit together.”

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