Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Are You Considering a Career in Criminal Justice or Law Enforcement?
Come and Meet Sergeant Jon Radus of the Fullerton Police Department on Monday, February 22 during Lunch, 11:35 AM - 12:10 PM, in the College & Career Center, room 1035.
Sergeant Jon Radus started with the Fullerton PD in 2003. After working patrol, he was part of the four-person Echo Unit that targeted alcohol-related crimes in and around downtown Fullerton bars. Radus then transferred to the Target Gang Unit. A former FTO, Radus served on the SWAT Team for seven years. He now is a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) and Drug Recognition Expert Instructor. He also supervises the agency's Field Training Program and runs its DRE Program. 

For more information, please see flyer.

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