Sunday, August 28, 2016

California PTA

PTA  =  Parent Teacher Association; PTSA = Parent Teacher Student Association
We use PTA in the elementary schools and use PTSA in the high schools.  Why?  Beacause starting in middle schools, we have students who join the PTA, and their enthusiasm and efforts should be counted.  California PTA is the "largest children's advocacy association, working to improve the lives of all children and families."

Benefits of PTSA Membership

NHS is an award winning school thanks to the support of parent volunteers, PTSA memberships and donations that directly benefit NHS students!

Did you know that last year PTSA funded
  • 10 laptops for the Media Center
  • 4 document cameras
  • 70 TI-84 graphing calculators
  • 108 white boards with graphs
  • Supplemental funding to maintain a full time health clerk
  • Health and safety programs and disaster preparedness supplies
  • Advocacy programs (students trip to Sacramento to meet government officials)?
Did you know that last year PTSA volunteers organized

  • Reflections - creative arts program
  • Operation of the Student Store
  • Healthy lunchtime snacks in the Student Store
  • Speakers for parent and student education programs
  • Registration week
  • Grad Night
  • and much more?

Welcome to a new academic year!

We hope all students and teachers had a great start last week.

The Student Store is open for business Monday through Friday at lunch time for snacks, drinks and spirit wear.