Monday, September 3, 2018

Athletic Boosters Announcement

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year.  We are expecting great things from our athletes this year.  Northwood HS Athletics Boosters trains parents from each of our 25 athletic teams to raise the funds each team has budgeted for the school year to bridge the gap between IUSD paid costs (in-season coaches, transportation and officials) and all other costs (extra in-season coaching, off season coaching, uniforms, equipment, practice gear, tournaments, team building, awards, banquets, etc.).

Boosters invites you to support your favorite athlete(s) with your time, talent and treasure.  Yes, although we have free school education, about $330,000 of team needs remains unfunded each school year. 

Through generous donations from parents, extended family, 5K and golf tournament events plus team fundraising activities, our teams hire additional coaches, play in tournaments, purchase uniforms and equipment and host alumni days, senior days and end of season banquets. 

IUSD funds $322,000 in-season costs for 63 coaches, league officials and transportation.  Everything else a team needs comes from our community, including Boosters.  We hope you join us in donating, fundraising and volunteering. 

Donate here  Thanks for supporting your favorite athlete and team!

 If you are interested in helping your team with fundraising (Learn more here),  our first meeting of the school year is Wednesday, September 12, at 7 p.m. in room 1403.   All are welcome.

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