Sunday, January 5, 2020

Northwood High School PTSA Executive Board 2020-2021

The Nominating Committee will be looking for any interested people for the NHS PTSA board positions for the school year, 2020-2021.  Per the bylaws all the positions are open and the nominees will be considered for the following positions:

1.     President 

2.     EVP 

3.     VP 1- Membership 

4.     VP 2 - Programs 

5.     VP 3 – Grad Night 

6.     Secretary 

7.     Treasurer 

8.     Financial Secretary 

9.     Auditor 

10.  Historian

The description of duties are listed here.

If you are interested or have any questions on the duties of any position, please contact the Nominating Committee at:

Please let us know by January 21st if you are interested to be considered as a nominee for any of the above board positions.  Thank you in advance for your interest!

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